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By Olu Amoda – Catalogue Introduction, Vivid Impressions Exhibition, 1992.

When I was approached by Gbenga to contribute to his first solo exhibition, I felt flattered. I must confess that it is an honour to be invited to contribute where there are other qualified artists to play this role.
I first met Gbenga in 1990 when I was assigned to teach General Drawing to their class; in fact I met him through his painting. The situation then was that every student wanted to be an extension of their lecturer but one stood out not because he was too shy to embrace his master’s style but because he thought what he was doing was just as good as his master’s approach to the same course. To help to nurture his technique of painting, he did not in particular attach himself to any of his lecturers.

As a non conformist, he suffered a little setback by not getting the required attention but he was very persistent so that he was able to turn the table round. Everybody tried to understand him from his point of view which is an indication that he is accepted.

Some people might say it is too early for him to have a solo outing.

Gbenga needs to come out now or else he would lose every credit that he has put in contributing to what in any view is “The New Yaba School”. Already, his influence is being felt by both his colleagues and some of his lecturers.

With the likes of Gbenga Orimoloye still around, we might be hopeful to expect some new things between now and the much talk of the year 2000 when mankind is to receive blessing from mankind.

If he continues with same enthusiasm and perseverance, surely for Gbenga Orimoloye, the sky is the limit.


Olu Amoda
Yaba College of Technology
Lagos 1992

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