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The piano series

The piano series

Girl in red dress and blue shoes

Brown and green tops (Abeokuta)

Iwa l’ewa (from the genre)

Iwe – the nuances

Within striking distance (from the genre)

Unpainted houses (Ibadan)

Iwe – Reclining figure reading

Iwe – girl reading

Old house on Old Yaba Road (from the genre)

Iwe – milestone

Old Yaba (from the genre Old Yaba)

Iwe – we must excel!

Ona (commission)

Roofscape (commission)

Eleja (Fish seller)

“Aso” – Rhapsodies in colour

Aso – Rhapsodies in yellow

“Aso”- Rhapsodies in yellow (2)

“Aso” – Rhapsodies in red, orange and white.

Reclining figure

Late evening mood

Face-book and realbook