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As an artist I am fascinated by our inherent transient nature and existential situation. To me life is as one gigantic picture that exists in many bits. Fragments. Each capable of being a gigantic picture in its own right with its own parts, theirs and so on. These pictures all speak. Constantly. Literally and metaphorically. They hear. They record and tell stories and inadvertently convey feeling and emotion.

I am a seer and can’t help but present and interpret what I have seen, felt or thought via my craft. As a Nigerian-born British citizen (born and raised in Nigeria and living in the UK), I am blessed to have two very rich distinct cultures to further make the gigantic picture even more interesting, with endless possibilities to tell stories with images both figuratively and metaphorically.

My medium of choice is oil, but I will occasionally make use of watercolour,  gouache,  acrylic and, for sculpture, modelling clay.  I have a figurative and  painterly bias;  piling on the paint nice and thick.  I prefer not to get bogged down with minute detail in my work. Of greater importance to me is for the movement, the strokes, texture and feeling of the creative process to be apparent.
The viewer must then retreat from the work in order to see it all come together. At this point the possibilities suddenly become greater and the viewer  unwittingly becomes a part of the story telling and interpretation.