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By David H. Dale. Taken from the catalogue of the exhibition, Colourful Moments, 1997.

It gives singular and particular pleasure to write this foreword to Mr Gbenga Orimoloye’s exhibition brochure.
It is in my view, wholly gratifying that this young artist has produced these remarkable works which not only engage one’s attention but also testify to a considerable talent.
When I first saw Gbenga’s works some years back, I had asked myself – who is this Nigerian impressionist? In his works, one can see his belief in creative and artistic liberty, identity and originality. He is what might be called a prolific artist. He believes that for art to progress, artists should experiment. He emphasizes the freedom of expression in his subject matter, forms, motifs, colours and especially in the area of technique where he has and individual style. His use of colour is deft.

This is yet another of Mr Gbenga Orimoloye’s creative seasons.

May I wish you all, happy viewing.

David H. Dale
Lagos, 1997

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