As an artist I am fascinated by mankind’s inherent transient nature, along with realities which have a way of existing as allegories of life. To this end, a figurative bent serves as my main dialect for thematic interpretation. As a Nigerian-born British citizen (born and raised in Nigeria and living in the UK), I feel blessed to have two very rich, and, in some instances, very distinct cultures to draw inspiration from. Indeed a vibrant dual heritage, which I seek to make the most of in my art; be it in the figurative or narrative.

My medium of choice is oil, but I will occasionally make use of watercolour,  gouache,  acrylic and modelling clay.  My method, I believe, is as painterly as it gets; piling on the paint nice and thick.  I do not like to get bogged down rendering minute detail in my work. Of greater importance to me, is for the movement and manner of my hand to be apparent to the viewer; for the strokes, texture and the feeling of the thickness of paint to come across. Eventually the viewer must then retreat from the work in order to see it all come together. From this point onwards, control of what is grasped visually is then up to the viewer based on their location in relation to the painting.

I use colours and tonal variations in creating tensions between opposites, abstract and realistic insertions in order to dramatize and emphasize visual and focal impact. My metaphors are encapsulated more in my titles than in my colours.