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By Chief (Mrs) Marlies Allan. Introduction to the catalogue of the exhibition, Aso, Terra Kulture, Lagos. May 2014.

When I first came into contact with Gbenga Orimoloye over 30 years ago in Ikoyi, Lagos, neither of us knew, I would one day be a great admirer of his talent and works. Read More

Solo Exhibition at the Saffron Walden Gallery

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When Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye first introduced himself to The Saffron Walden Gallery it was hard to see the
artistic determination and passion which lies beneath the surface of this quiet, humble, man. It was only when
we had the opportunity to view Daniel’s work that we realised we were dealing with a rare talent. Read More


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By Ike Osakwe. Foreword to the Catalogue of the Exhibition, Oju. Terra Kulture, Lagos, May 2013

I first encountered the works of Gbenga Orimoloye 22 years ago, at the 1991 Tower Aluminium art exhibition, in the Indian High Commission in Lagos. I liked his work immediately. Here was a young artist recently out of college, painting with a very definitive and mature style. Read More


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By Bolanle Austen-Peters.  Taken from the catalogue of the exhibition, Ona, Lagos. April 2012.

Ona is a Yoruba word meaning “Road” or “way”. Life they say is a journey. The paths that we walk can take us many places. In making our choices in life, we may choose to take a broad road that has been well travelled, or we may strike out on our own into territory that few have dared. Read More

Lagos Jamming

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By Moyo Okediji. Critique from the catalogue of the exhibition, Ona, Lagos 2012.

In July of 2011, the Nike Gallery in Lagos hosted an exhibition of recent painting by Gbenga Orimoloye, a Nigerian artist resident in the United Kingdom. Prior to seeing the display, I learned from gallery officials that the title of the exhibition was, “Iwa.” I did not know Orimoloye at that time, but I went to see the show all the same because the title was sufficiently eloquent to pique my curiosity for two significant reasons. Read More

Gbenga Orimoloye and Iwa

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By Kolade Oshinowo. Introduction to the catalogue of the exhibition, Iwa, Lagos 2011

Gbenga Orimoloye is an artist who showed promise right from his student days at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos. He, like a few others I know, seems to have charted a course for himself and is following it passionately with all determination. Although now a Nigerian in the Diaspora, his works show convincingly that he is very much connected to his roots. Read More

Echoes From Diaspora

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By Olu Amoda. Critique from the catalogue of the exhibition, Iwa, Lagos 2011

Since the last time I contributed to Gbenga Orimoloye’s first solo exhibition “Vivid Impressions”, in 1992 much water has passed under the bridge, especially in Lagos State of Nigeria. But asking me again to write a foreword to his July 2011 show titled “Iwa”, a collection of works produced in his studio in Essex UK, gives me a feeling of lost and found, a certain heart-warming reconnection with an artist whose work I so much admire and an artist with whom I have had an endearing relationship dating back to our days together in the midnineties at Yaba College of Technology. Read More

Orimoloye – The Voice of The Artist

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By Colin M. Blakely, Epping, Essex Sept 2004.

The texture of colour is vividly brought to life in the works of Nigerian artist Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye. Most at home in oils, he manages to capture not just the essence of the scenes before him, but the life and movement of his subjects. He presents us with still images, but in so doing he allows the characters he depicts to speak out loudly. Read More

Iya ni Wura

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By Dr Tony Rapu.   From the catalogue of the exhibition held at Didi Museum, Lagos, July 2002.

I have consistently felt that the answer to our quest for survival as a nation must of a necessity involve a moral revolution. Until we reform the minds of our people we cannot rebuild the desolations of our nation. Read More

Gbenga Orimoloye’s Spatial Spontaniety and Attroupement

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By Rukeme Noserime. Critique from catalogue of “Colourful Moments” held at Didi Museum, Lagos, Sept 1997.

The predominating activity of art in modern times has been analysis, the search for the fundamental principle and specific functions, – that of inventing forms and producing objects with lines, colours, surfaces, masses and volumes. Hence art has become passionate and dynamic – a living phenomena within our system. Read More